Lost: the television show enjoyed by many hopeless fanatics such as yourself. Just how much is your slavish, unquestioning devotion to everything associated with this fairy tale worth to corporate America's advertisers? A lot.

The cost of a 30-second ad in the final episode of the series is coming in around a whopping $900,000, according to media buyers.

Compare that to $1.3 to $1.5 million for an ad during the Oscars, according to Ad Age. That means you can count on less than the fingers of one hand the number of TELEVISION EVENTS that approach Lost's finale in terms of DOLLAR VALUE for the interested corporate hypnotists. It's not because of sheer numbers—Lost gets beat by American Idol—but instead because of the robotic, unwavering attention paid to the glowing screen by Lost fans unwilling to miss the smallest detail of the show, advertiser-contributed or otherwise.

SPOILER: Turns out the island is made out of delicious Doritos™.

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