We have ascertained the location of 'Big Ben' Mills, who posted nude photos of an allegedly smack-addled Peaches Geldof. He is with his band, recovering from a performance where he inserted meathooks through his skin and dangled from the ceiling.

According to a band mate, the man of the "Big Ben" penis tattoo no longer uses heroin. For endorphin rushes, he sticks to flesh suspension, a terrifying hobby wherein people have meathooks stabbed through the skin on their backs or chests, get suspended from the ceiling, and swing around like some sadomasochistic version of Peter Pan on Broadway. Big Ben performs this feat as a stage act for Nassau Chainsaw, a metal band that features a nightmarish circus of torturous side acts, most of which include "intensity, shock value, and doing something that no sane person should ever do." Two nights ago in Detroit, Ben breathed fire. And last night in Reading, PA he did swung from the skin on his back with the greatest of ease. (Or pain, or full-body shock.)

Ben resolutely refused to speak on the phone or communicate in with us, but a member of Nassau Chainsaw who asked not to be identified (not that you won't have a one-in-four shot at guessing which it was) spoke by phone with Ben "sitting in the van with us right now."

He explained that flesh suspension has a "long tribal history," but that for their friends "it starts from the tattoo and piercing scene," and requires "professional rigging." According to this flesh suspension Q&A, the effect is a "shock-induced state of disorientation spiked with moments of pain and euphoria."

Anyway, back to our peculiar insta-celebrity, Big Ben. He's been showing off his superhuman pain tolerance with Nassau Chainsaw for three years. Peaches Geldof isn't part of that crew and has never been to a show as far as the band mate we talked to knows. They are based in New York.

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