She announced it during a live web chat (irony) with Reblogging NonSociety, after a surprise appearance on her obsessive detractors' website turned into a chat with hundreds about plastic surgery, web criticism, and ex-sex with Jakob Lodwick.

Three days after she quit the internet, the prolific, conflicted egoblogger made a surprise commenter appearance on Reblogging NonSociety—the prolific site dedicated to dissecting and criticizing her every utterance—to chew everyone out.

You know, this is the first time I've ever commented in this shit hole of a website, and I'm so beyond furious I can't even see straight.

Stop. NOW.

I'd love for any of you to explain why you're spending your Saturdays indoors discussing rumors about me – which, by the way, aren't true.

I've ignored you for the last year. Well, I'm tired of this shit. I'm so tired of it I'm calling a lawyer to shut this site down, which I should have done in the first place.

But in the meantime, if you're going to hate on me, AT LEAST GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT.

The board morphed into a tense Q&A session. Then they moved to a chat room where Julia loosened up and took questions from everyone. Responding to a question about her income, she revealed she will return to the internet on Monday.

[17:54] JuliaA: Well, so, first of all, I have to start blogging again on Monday - which I do NOT want to do, because I feel like crawling into a hole and just crying - because I have a contract with a brand for a month and - frankly - I need the money.

She confirmed that she and her recently outed boyfriend "Prom King" are no longer together, but "he left the door open." As for Vimeo founder and bloggy ex-boyfriend Jakob Lodwick, whom Julia outed as bipolar on a Gawker comment board...

[17:31] JuliaA: Did you know that he didn't mind at all about that comment on gawker, he even - and this is TMI, but fuck it, we're there - slept with me afterwards, didn't give a shit at all, but then allowed everyone to gang up on me because it made him and his ridiculous leven rambin banging look better?

We also learned about her record with plastic surgery:

[17:46] JuliaA: no way dude! I've never claimed I never had plastic surgery!!!!! be careful. I always word things so I'm telling the truth ;) I said I never had botox!
[17:46] JuliaA: I haven't had a boob job
[17:46] JuliaA: But I sure as hell had a nose job!
[17:46] JuliaA: I had two of them, in fact. Had to get a second to fix the first. Yep. There you go. It's all out there.

It was a long chat featuring discourse on Julia's friendships, business, college years, and pescatarianism. At least one reblogger made a bullet-point version. The strangest part, though, came after the chat landed on our #tips page. Both Julia and the moderators freaked out over the prospect of being watched by Gawker.

[18:41] partypants: ok guys
[18:41] partypants: just got info
[18:41] JuliaA: what info?
[18:41] partypants: that this chat is being sent to gawker
[18:41] juliaspublicist: huh?
[18:41] JuliaA: oh god.
[18:41] juliafoolia: Q: what's with the mystery tweets ("well, then", etc.) posted without context on a public forum?
[18:41] juliafoolia: ugh
[18:41] JuliaA: is that even possible?
[18:42] JuliaA: no n oooooo
[18:42] juliafoolia: GAWKER IS SO LAME
[18:42] JuliaA: NO NO NO
[18:42] juliafoolia: this is why we kick mibs
[18:42] juliaspublicist: who is your least favorite person at gawker
[18:42] juliafoolia: Gawker stalkers
[18:42] JuliaA: you know, this was supposed to be private ... inasmuch as anything is.
[18:42] JuliaA: I thought that you weren't even reposting this on your site?

I'm guessing this is because of Richard's post criticizing rebloggers. For all their willingness to pick apart NonSociety, it appears RBNS is like NS in at least one way: Criticism hurts their feelings, too.

[18:48] juliafoolia: Gawker gets info about their star from RBNS
[18:48] juliafoolia: complains about RBNS

[18:49] juliafoolia: OK, chat is basically over
[18:50] juliafoolia: because Gawker is stalking this shit

[18:51] partypants: also, i want no part of anything that gawker is watching
[18:51] partypants: so peace out

After hearing about the historic Julia-RBNS powwow, I emailed both Julia and an RBNS moderator. Was my email what scared them off? Apparently the moderators started kicking out visitors they thought were Gawker moles. All of which is odd for, uh, the obvious reason (JA's career is a celebration of living openly, RBNS a celebration of open criticism) but also because I once worked for NonSociety, which you'd think would make me welcome at such things! It was around the time of NonSociety's launch, shortly after I first moved to New York with no plan other than "I guess I'll freelance or something." I went to a couple meetings, edited a little, learned what Tumblr was. I never found out about Julia's nose jobs; I suppose we weren't very close.

Despite my theoretical knowledge of NonSociety, the Julia-RBNS chat was all but in foreign language—like eavesdropping on Trekkies bantering in Klingon at a sci-fi convention. Julia and the rebloggers debated the time she ate chicken broth (violates her pescatarian diet) and the relative puffiness of her face (puffier when she's sleepy). They used pseudonyms I didn't recognize, discussed scandals I'd never heard of. I may have been "stalking that shit," but I wouldn't know how to exploit it if I tried.

Point being: Today, Julia Allison reunited with her biggest fans. It started out hostile, ended up intimate, and was a homecoming of sorts. On Monday she'll be back on her blog, they'll be back on theirs, and a cosmic rift in the ego-blogosphere will mended. See you in two days, Julia. And your little dog, and your entourage of reblogs, too.