Ever wonder how Scientology produces all those crappy pamphlets and all that L Ron Hubbard literature? A lawsuit by two former elite members confirms allegations the 'church' runs sweatshops, where workers are designated as religious devotees to avoid labor laws.

The New York Times aired similar allegations earlier this month. Now the Associated Press report that another couple, Marc Headley and his wife Claire, seek back pay and overtime that could come to $1m each for gruelling hours spent producing Scientology crap like books e-meters and DVDs for a pittance. They, like those profiled in the Times, signed a billion year pledge and vowed not to have children. Claire claims she was even made to have an abortion.

"These folks are working for a year or two or three in a row on an hour or two of sleep a night," the couple's attorney Barry Van Sickle said. "They're zombies. If people had some money in their pockets or a good night's sleep, they probably wouldn't stick around."

Creepy Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis, as is his habit, was outraged and denied the allegations vehemently. "We're kind of sick of people who think that they can do this with us, people who used to work here, who can leave, who are lying - and we know they're lying. It's a pretty nice place to live and work, and we feel that way."

It's weird how many 'liars' come out of Scientology saying very similar bad stuff about the 'church'. Maybe they all collude?