Rockstar progeny and Brit scenester queen Peaches Geldof admits she posed for the "private" photographs posted online, but a rep is denying the cameraman's tale of heroin use and a morning-after visit to Hollywood's Celebrity Scientology Center.

In a sternly worded email, Peaches' lawyer Jonathan Coad admitted that the photographs are of his client, but disputed elements of Reddit commenter Thatcoolben's story:

The incident and photographs concern private issues and activity; the photographs were taken for private purposes only

The allegations that our client was carrying and injecting herion [sic] are also denied, our client having consumed alcohol with the other individual leading to the 'highs' described and portrayed in the photographs. The evident unreliability of the source emerges from the also fictitious description of their trip to a scientology center. Had you undertaken any checking or research before making this posting you would have learned that nobody who is not a member of that organisiation is permitted into such buildings.

Thatcoolben has since been identified by multiple sources as Williamsburg loft-dweller Ben Mills. He has a tattoo that says "Big Ben" on his penis. His contemporary love life includes "on-and-off dating" Drew Grant, a writer who has since blogged about Ben for Nerve and the new blog Crushable.

Ben has yet to respond to our requests for comment, and we're told his Facebook profile and MySpace accounts have been taken down.

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