Andrew Breibart watched Tea Partyers call black lawmakers 'nigger' and Barney Frank 'faggot' over the weekend. He was outraged. That the lawmakers had the temerity to provoke a "peaceful" middle-American crowd. The black caucus should be ridiculed, he says.

Most of us saw some nasty racists abusing civil rights veterans like John Lewis and Jim Clyburn. But apparently we were mistaken. "Nothing could be more false," than accusing the tea party of racism, Breitbart told Michael Savage yesterday, via Media Matters. The congressional black caucus, he said, decided to "walk through that crowd trying to get a provocation. What did they get? They got nothing."

Except racial abuse. On their way to work. But anyway. "If that is how the congressional black caucus feels about Americans they don't deserve to represent us. Or they should be the objects of ridicule." For good measure he added, referring to John Lewis' fight for black rights in the 60s, "I don't care what he did 40 years ago. He's trying to rip this country apart."