Maybe! He's just joined the cast of a serious movie. Also today: Is Kate Hudson the most original actress in Hollywood? Do you like zombies as much as I do? And is there a right way to say the word "Cannes"?

Here's a weird movie cast: William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen, Milla Jovovich, Dwight Yoakam, and Tim McGraw. They join Juno Temple — the creepy red-haired girl from Atonement and the Australian friend in Greenberg — and the kid on the right (yes, that appears to be a stage adaptation of Holes) in Dirty Girl, about a girl (who is dirty?) searching for her father with the help of a gay teen trying to avoid military school. Indies! Gotta love 'em. [Variety]

Oh good. They keep putting Kate Hudson in movies. She's so charming, isn't she? Such an innovative, creative actress who makes awesome choices. I can't decide if I liked How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days better or Fool's Good. I mean she and McConaughey. Man oh man, talk about appealing, chameleon-like movie stars. Anyway, Hudson is taking a huge leap and trying something new: a romantic comedy. It's called Something Borrowed, it's based on a book, and you know who else it stars? Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski. Best movie ever made? [Variety]

AMC, I love you. The network that's already doing so much for us with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and re-airings of Pulp Fiction exactly when you are bored and hungover on a Sunday, is giving us the best gift of all. They're doing a show about the zombie apocalypse. Well, a pilot at least. It's called Walking Dead and it's based on a comic book and I cannot wait. Anyway, they cast some guy in it, so. Yay. [THR]

Oh did I say that thing up there was a weird cast? Here's a weirder one. Juliette Binoche has just signed onto a police drama alongside equal acting partner... Tracy Morgan. Yes indeedy. And you thought Steve Carrel was an odd match! Al Pacino, Channing Tatum, Ray Liotta, and Katie frickin' Holmes are also in this bizarro movie. Morgan is replacing Terrence Howard (man, that guy is really fucking his career up, huh?), so it must be something of a serious part. Hey, if it worked for Mo'Nique, it could work for Tracy. [THR]

Set your DVRs up for 2011. Both Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara have been renewed for third seasons, based on the strength of single episodes of their second seasons. Well done, crazy ladies! Make some room for Laura Linney now, won't you? [THR]

Ridley Scott's upcoming Robin Hood, sadly not a Bryan Adams musical, will premiere out of competition at Cannes. How do you say it? "Caan"? "Canze"? It's like saying "croissant." No matter how you say the damn word, you sound like a maroon. Oh, the French. [Variety]