Ann Coulter has made a bit of news lately for barely escaping death at the hands of hundreds of angry Canadian students, of all things. Tonight she actually offered them some good advice: Don't take her seriously.

Hundreds of protesters greeted Ann Coulter when she arrived at the University of Ottawa Tuesday night as part of an extensive bile-spewing tour. Due to "public safety" concerns, Ann's speech was called off. She talked about this on Bill O'Reilly tonight and made a convincing case for why, even though we support the idea of Ann Coulter not talking as much as possible, it was sort of dumb for these protesters to confront her like she was an important serious person: No, she is a joke. And she said as much on O'Reilly.

For example, she explained tonight to O'Reilly that the much-hyped clip of her telling a Muslim student to "take a camel" instead flying was a joke. (This was itself a reference to a previous joke suggestion that Muslims take "flying carpets" instead of airplanes.) A vile, racist joke: But a joke! And when O'Reilly asked her about allegations of hate speech against her, she said (1:03), "Funny that a lot of my most hateful speech are things I never said. Or they're jokes, that's what they usually are." Terrible, racist jokes. And then, she went on to make another one of these jokes: "Seven Imams were threatening to boycott Northwest Airlines... I just pointed out how ironic it was that the Imams were threatening to boycott airlines, and if all Muslims boycotted airlines we could dispense with airport security altogether." And Bill O'Reilly actually laughed at her, because Ann Coulter's success is, basically, as a conservative comedian. Without the hilarious jokes that offend Canadians and liberals, she'd just be another one of Fox News' boring talking blond heads. (Have you noticed how many there are!?)

We would like think the country that gave us "Kids in the Hall" and "Trailer Park Boys" has a better sense of humor than Bill O'Reilly. So the next time this hateful banshee swoops down upon your frozen land, we suggest that instead of staging protests fit for a G8 Summit, you engage in the time-honored practice of audiences confronted with hacky, racist comedians everywhere: Get drunk and heckle her off the stage. This is really the only level of discourse appropriate, and it's a lot more fun!

Here's the full interview: