Tonight The Sarah Silverman Program and Important Things with Demetri Martin are being pushed back until midnight EST. With anticipation like that, how could we not run a liveblog? Tune in and join us!

The Sarah Silverman Program: In the first episode of this season, the show's third, fictional Sarah Silverman slaps her fictional sister Laura in the face for suggesting she get a job. Which is a mind trip because fictional Sarah Silverman is played by real life Sarah Silverman, whose real life sister Laura plays her fictional sister Laura in a show about fictional Sarah not having a job that real life Sarah writes, produces stars in.

Confused? Don't worry. It's pretty much just wildly inappropriate dick, poop and racially insensitive jokes, made all the more hilarious because they're spouted out by a cute girl who looks like she could have beaten you in four square growing up next door. Hang out and revel in the gross out comedy - just don't puke on the keyboard. Or, go for it. That'd be hilarious, and totally in tune with the show.

Important Things With Demetri Martin: Back in the early aughts, Comedy Central took a hot, young stand up comedian and gave him a variety show. Chappelle's Show, as you might recall, worked out pretty well, at least until Dave grew a conscience and moved to Africa. Half a decade later, they went back to that well but infused it with the witty geekdom that rules TV comedy today. The result? Important Things With Demetri Martin, a Chappelle's Show of sorts for white people (okay, fine, whiter; Chapelle was constantly quoted by white kids, which is why he went crazy in the first place).

A mix of sketch, stand up and prop comedy, it is a surprisingly tight, witty and honest look at the inanity of everyday life and the unintentionally hilarious social norms of twenty and thirty somethings. Which is you. So tune in and hang out in the comment section, squawking and joking from the e-peanut gallery.

To catch up on older episodes and sketches, check out the show's Comedy Central Website.

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