Joey Lucas plotted a return to TV; Jennifer 8. Lee spotted a trend; and Roger Ebert issued a cinematic fatwa. The Twitterati were up to their old tricks.

If it's not "dramedy" to show West Wing's Joey Lucas explaining how to market health care reform to frightened, bumbling Democrats, then we don't know what is.

Roger Ebert's micro-rant about 3D movies was more of a machine-gun burst than a handgun rattle. But yes, Lyneka Little, shots most definitely "fired."

On his first official day editing VentureBeat, former Valleywag Owen Thomas was asleep on the job. It's a habit we endorse, for him., the ex-New York Times writer behind claimed not to understand the appeal of dot-ly domain names. It's a mystery.

Carefully-calibrated deconstruction of offensive tweet, as expressed through an intentional and public miscomprehension of one of its generic clauses. With link.

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