Levy is the founder of DailyCandy, the chick e-newsletter with the editorial voice of an overly enthusiastic sorority girl. The company was sold to Comcast in August of 2008 for $125 million.

Raised on the Upper East Side, Levy had a privileged childhood: Her father, Peter A. Levy, was a highly respected partner at Goldman Sachs before leaving to launch a hedge fund called Sage Capital; her grandfather was Gus Levy, the legendary Goldman leader in the 1960s and '70s who mentored the likes of Bob Rubin.

Dany graduated from Brown in 1995 and started her career covering beauty and fashion for New York, later joining Self as beauty editor before moving to Condé Nast to work on the prototype of Lucky. It was while working on the launch of the new shopping mag in 2000 that, inspired by the daily email being sent out by TheStreet.com, Levy came up with the idea of a style e-newsletter. She pitched the idea to her Condé bosses; when they passed, she headed off to do it on her own. On March 6, 2000, she sent out her first email, distributing it to 700 friends and contacts in the media industry. The chirpy missives quickly developed a cult following and a year later she gathered together $250,000 from her family to support the business.

Levy is single and lives in the Village. [Image via Getty]