Crazy Senator Jim Bunning is retiring. The Republicans selected normal Republican guy Trey Grayson to replace him. But crazy Ron Paul's son Rand (yes, Rand) Paul is also running, and he's kicking Grayson's ass. Time to call in Cheney.

Rand Paul is taking advantage of his dad's crazy internet comment troll machine to clean up in fundraising, and he's ahead in every poll taken since last November. He's won the coveted Sarah Palin endorsement.

Ron Paul is crazy, but he is at least anti-war, anti-drug war, pro-habeas corpus, anti-death penalty, and anti-PATRIOT Act. His wonderful son Rand combines the worst of libertarian philosophy (no social safety net, progressive taxation, Welfare state, or, whatever, public infrastructure for anyone) with more "conventional" Republican views on foreign policy and social issues. (Always being pro-killing-everyone everywhere with bombs all of the time and being pro-locking up young people for ten years for smoking the demon weed are the "more conventional" political opinions.)

But Dr. Paul the Younger's still got that Tea Party Patrick Henry marching-around-with-funny-signs mojo working for him. And we're pulling for him! Because it would be hilarious to watch the GOP mainstream lose at the hands of the populist anger-junkies they're all riling up all the time. The establishment Republicans do not want someone who is even slightly aligned with the Ron Paul wing to actually hold a precious Senate seat, because he might not be a reliable vote to support future President Mitt Romney's war on Scandinavia.

Ron Paul wrote his list warning them that the dreaded "neo-conservatives" are fundraising against poor Rand. Which is true!

This other guy, Grayson, he's a nonentity. Kentucky's Senior Senator and fellow nonentity, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is hosting fundraisers for Grayson. And to combat the power of the Tea Parties and Queen Sarah Palin, they've brought in.. Dick Cheney.

Grayson's entire campaign is organized around calling Rand Paul's ideas "strange" and strongly implying that he is crazy. (Libertarians get no respect from anyone! This is why they all wear leather jackets and smoke cigarettes and complain about Che t-shirts while they ride around on the public transit in the major metropolitan cities they live in.)

One of Dick Cheney's scary henchmen elaborates on the Cheney endorsement in The Corner, writing that Rand Paul has "strange and troubling positions" on things like our having invaded Iraq for no fucking reason.

What's fun is that this is Kentucky. Being an actual crazy person is hardly a bar to holding public office. If the Republicans hadn't basically forced him out, Jim Bunning probably woulda gotten reelected this year, and that man has pretty much lost his mind.

A rabid dog, fresh from biting an adorable little girl in a princess dress, could probably win a state-wide election in Kentucky, as long as it was pro-life. But Rand Paul's occasional statments about "closing Guantanamo" might actually put him outside the mainstream there. So for the good of America we should hope that the Tea Partiers push Rand over the top—because then either the GOP loses the safest Senate seat they have or they end up keeping it with a guy who they can't fucking stand.