Fameball 1.0 Julia Allison is allegedly quitting the internet. She may not resurface for days, or even weeks. It's a sobering moment. Let us now look back and remember three and a half years of highlights of Julia's unfiltered life.

[In reverse chronological order.]

25. Julia totally went out with Toph Eggers, who is Dave Eggers' little bro in case you didn't know or something, duh.

24. Julia did commercials for Sony—a move that mystifies advertising theorists to this day.

23. Julia was paid by Sea World to somehow convince people to go to Sea World. A short time later, a killer whale ate someone there.

22. Julia danced with Jay Cutler!

21. Julia partied with Nouriel Roubini, in a great moment for fameballs everywhere.

20. Julia announced her desire to make "fuck you money."

19. Julia ran a Mediabistro seminar on personal branding that produced many personal brands you may know and love. But we won't get into who.

18. Julia appeared on the cover of Wired. Joke about that, hot shot.

17. Julia launched NonSociety, the lifecasting site that would eventually lead to her total mental breakdown.

16. Julia was implicated in an internet nerd love triangle.

15. Julia was a college commencement speaker, for fuck's sake.

14. Julia lost her job as a person who goes on TV and it says they work at Star.

13. Julia is friends with Randi Zuckerberg. You know, Mark Zuckerberg's sister? She is friends with her. Close friends.

12. Julia is famous for being fingered by Dave Zinczenko.

11. Julia had tons of ideas for TV shows and the rumors about when and if they would get made went on and on, for years. Check your TV listings.

10. Julia quit the internet! Two years ago this month.

9. Julia's birthday party was sponsored by a vodka company. Probably money well spent.

8. Julia posed on the cover of Time Out, asking dudes to call her.

7. Julia invented Tumblr.

6. Julia answered your questions (jerks).

5. Julia went out with Jakob Lodwick and made a website with Jakob Lodwick and then broke up with Jakob Lodwick.

4. Julia is a lust object for so many Silicon Valley nerds, it's crazy.

3. Julia was banned from Fox's Red Eye, ending her media career for good.

2. Julia rode a horse.

1. November 1, 2006: The very first time we met Julia Allison. Little did we know where this road would lead.