Oh Merton, you were such a lovable guy! Singing your songs on Chatroulette and wooing the collective internet in that hoody and those glasses. You had a mystique! And then you had to go and open your mouth. Sigh.

You know the saying that some things are better left unsaid? Well some interviews are better left undone. Because this interview is the exact opposite of his original Chatroulette video. It isn't funny, it isn't whimsical, it's kind of stuck-up, and it's way too long. 15 minutes!??! Brad Pitt's lucky to get 9 minutes on Letterman.

He also discusses some future videos he will do on Chatroulette, which is a bad idea. His first video was completely organic, taking the internet by storm, because it caught the everyone off-guard Any new videos that follow will feel forced, fake, and inferior. It's the same exact thing that will plague the second season of Jersey Shore.

[via Mashable]