Bow Wow carpet-bombed Twitter; Graydon Carter's hair hit the social scene; and Lynn Fox called herself a mean name. The Twitterati were out, about and running off at the mouth.

At a Vanity Fair event, editor Graydon Carter's hair told Daily Finance's Jeff Bercovici everything he needed to know about how that fat Michael Lewis contract was treating him.

Bow Wow worried some potential fans of his live video chat were not already among the 363,608 subscribed to his Twitter feed. And those people might feel Bow Wow had slighted them by not getting the word out. You can never to be too careful, really.

Punchy Palm flack Lynn Fox retreated from her open war on gadget bloggers. Booooo: Dive back in, we say!

Susan Orlean had an optimistic take on subway grammar.

Cranky "Not Peter" Kaplan was at the center of a domestic disturbance.

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