Today we learned that litigious state attorneys general are frivolously suing the gubbmint to keep expenses down. Of course, this sparked yet another health care debate in the comments, and we heard from a civic minded doctor.

From Love Bites:

I am a doctor. Here is my plight: I will have to pay more in Medicare taxes and take a pay cut at the same time. Having said this, I see patients daily that have no money for the medicine they need to live. They return to the E.R. numerous times for their "health care." And guess who pays the E.R. bill? You and I. Either we let these people die at the door of the hospital because they cannot pay. Or, we pay for their health care. There is no other option ... I have a conscience. I won't let my fellow American die at the door. I'll pay for her health care. God forgive me, and the rest of you who complain about it.

And heck, if it doesn't work out I can always emigrate to Canada. They have a shortage of doctors!