Housing Works, an AIDS and homelessness organization, opened its new thrift shop in Midtown last night. We were there along with some Real Housewives, Marc Jacobs' boyfriend, a Bravo boss, and a "day gay." We even got some questions answered.

For some reason, Derek "Fabulous" Warburton, the dude best known as the "day gay" that Jill Zarin dissed on last week's episode of Real Housewives of New York City, hosted. He and Alex McCord are actually friends who do brunch, shopping, and other stereotypical things together.

"Derek and I met each other socially at a string of parties, we ended up talking to one another, you know how that happens...We went to brunch. It's such a small world. We just started spending more and more time together and became a little inseparable," McCord says.

He adds that his designation as a "day gay" was a joke and people have blown it out of proportion. We think that if the tiara fits...

Then we switched up Housewives and went to talk to Ramona Singer who says she is exactly the same now as when her show started, and threw in a few barbs for her castmates, "I think we're less conscious of the cameras now. But I'm still the same person, I haven't changed! I think some of the other people have gotten a little full of themselves. But I'm still the same person! I do the same things, I haven't changed! Some of the women on the show are authentic, some aren't. You'll figure out which ones aren't by the end of the season."

She also knows who her fan base is. "Gay guys love me," she says. "And women who, you know, want to have it all. I have my own career, and 18 years of marriage. Mario and I just had a romantic weekend in Southampton, and I had a big glow all weekend long."

Thanks for, um, sharing, Ramona.

One person who is sick of sharing is Lorenzo Martone, Marc Jacobs' boyfriend, who shot down rumors he would be on any type of gay housewives show. "I think I've learned my lesson: enough sharing about my personal life...After the the BUTT [Magazine] feature and the the New York one... that was enough. So no more sharing about my personal life. It's made things easier."

Does that mean no more naked pictures?

Malik So Chic (who we discovered is 28) is not done sharing. He's currently on The CW's socialite pile-up High Society and thinks that Jules Kirby is a racist homophobe. "She doesn't give a fuck," he says about her remarks on the show. "And she's blaming it on editing and scripting, but no one scripted anything. Why say it in the first place? I guess she thought it would be funny or cute but it wasn't and now she can't go back on it and her treatment of other minorities on the show—gay people, even the hotel workers—it's just obvious that there's an issue."

Andy Cohen the foxy Bravo honcho who is gay (and single at the moment, we learned) wants to set the record straight on the the Beverly Hills Housewives. "Everybody's been reporting everything as fact but not everything you're reading about it is true. All we did is announce that the show's in development, basically," he says.

We're disappointed that he won't confirm any rumors, but not as disappointed as he was in naked Levi Johnston.

"He didn't show the peen," he says. "I was actually disappointed in the backside. I thought it would be... better."

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