If you see someone toting a Kindle onto the subway, give them space: Judging from what owners of the e-book reader have done to author Michael Lewis, they can be some seriously mean and vengeful nerds.

It seems Lewis' new financial crisis book The Big Short has been inundated with one-star reviews — 69 out of 132 and latest count — from people who are pissed that the book isn't yet available on the Kindle. So while Lewis might be the big-time author of the moment on 60 Minutes and the Daily Show, he's getting roasted on the world's biggest online bookstore. Of course, there's no point in punishing Lewis for the sins of his publisher, as Paul Carr writes, or of channeling your outrage into a review of a book you haven't even read. But Lewis, of all people, can appreciate that blame is never fairly apportioned in a crisis.