Yes, like her hero, Palin is going on reality TV. Plus: A new Scream movie, another interesting HBO project, lots of pilot news, and we officially have our Captain America.

What's old is new again! Wes Craven is headed back behind the camera to direct Scream 4. David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Courteney Cox will all reprise their roles, but will be joined by a cast of younger, sexier types. The last Scream movie came out ten years ago this past February. Stop! You're already scaring us. [Variety]

This sounds intriguing. The directing duo being American Splendor are working on a project with HBO that would have them telling a scripted behind-the-scenes story of the filming of An American Family, the much ballyhooed PBS documentary series from the early 1970s that was the first "reality" type thing like ever. The cameras rolled while the wealthy Santa Barbara family was rocked by divorce and, especially groundbreaking at the time, a son coming out of the closet. [THR]

Aha! We were wrong to fear a Krasinski world takeover. Instead the role of Captain America has been dumped in the hands of Chris Evans. You know Chris Evans. He's the fast-talkin', lady-lovin' flamer from Fantastic Four. And the star of the Dakota Fanning superhero action picture Push: Based on the Novel 'Precious' by Sapphire. Oh and he played Harvard Hottie (actual character name) in The Nanny Diaries. An illustrious career and now his cap is feathered with this Captain America accomplishment. What'll be next after that? Trigorin at the Donmar? Nick Carraway in some gauzy (Adrian Lyne?) update of Great Gatsby? Hm? What's that? Oh, he'll just keep playing Captain America in a succession of Avengers and other Marvel pictures? I see. [TheWrap]

The likable Emma Stone could be landing her first real big dramatic role. She might be starring in The Help, a movie based on a book about a young writer in 1960s Mississippi who ruffles some feathers and shatters some monocles when she starts talking to the maids like they're people. God people were assholes in the 1960s, in Mississippi. [Variety]

Jamie Pressly, late of My Name Is Earl, has been cast in a pilot from the geniuses who bring you How I Met Your Mother. The show is about a youngish guy dealing with love and laughter in the city, always glad for the hilarious support of his wacky friends! Only it's set in PIttsburgh. So it's a different show, totally. And he already has a girlfriend. That just might be your mother... [THR]

Everyone from New York is out sleeping on couches in LA because it's pilot season! Here's some news:

Bridget Moynahan, late of Six Degrees and Tom Brady, has been cast in an untitled pilot about a family of cops — Len Cariou is grampa, Tom Selleck is current chief of police dad, Donnie Wahlberg and hottie Will Estes are cop sons, and Bridget plays district attorney daughter. That's quite a family! I can't wait to see what sexy adventures they get themselves into, this fall on CBS.

Chicago theater actress Amy Landecker has been tasked with being the support structure for a making-a-comeback Paul Reiser in his new comedy pilot, about a guy who used to be on a hit sitcom and now doesn't do a whole hell of a lot. I wonder where he got the idea!

Michael Rappaport, blessedly not doing that insanely vulgar War at Home show anymore, is joining up with The Line, about cops and shooting and starring Dylan Walsh from Nip/Tuck. [THR]

Sexy underpants model turned pretend actor Kellan Lutz has been cast as some sort of Greek something in a new movie called Clash of the Percy Jackson Troy Titans that's all about ancient gods and stuff. Actually it's called War of the Gods and Mickey Rourke and Freida Pinto are also in the illustrious cast. I don't imagine Lutz will be shirtless at all in this picture, because that is not what he's all about. [Variety]

Sarah Palin's Alaska is nearing a deal with Discovery. Which means yes, Sarah Palin is about to have a TV show. Blood your doors, everybody! Lord's a'comin'! [THR]

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