Today in Weird Things the Health Care Bill Does: It requires all chain restaurants to post calorie and nutritional data for their horrible food! Yes, you will no longer be able to pretend that you are eating healthily.

According to

The Center for Science in the Public Interest said in a statement that the bill's passage is a "huge victory for consumers" for its inclusion of a national menu labeling provision. The provision will require calorie labeling on chain restaurant menus, menu boards, and drive-thru displays, as well as on vending machines. The legislation applies to chains with 20 or more outlets, and requires them to provide additional nutrition information on request.

The National Restaurant Association (NRA!) likes the nutritional information thing. (Sec. 2572) But The Big Money reports that they are not so happy about the overall bill, since it will make them provide the part-time dishboy in the back with health care. Tonight's special is greed.

(If you are suspecting this post was largely an excuse to link to, congratulations: You win a prize.! Are these people the happiest and fattest journalists int he world or what? We know exactly where we are sending our resume once we get canned.)