Whether you're tuning in for a laugh at the skin-tight glittery outfits, Kate Gosselin's new hair, or you're pumped for another season of dancing—all are welcome! A breakdown of contestants and live-blogging fun inside.

Tonight's premiere episode starts at 8:00 PM ET on ABC and will run until 10:00. Besides the announcement that Brooke Burke will be the new co-host alongside Tom Bergeron, we also get to see our 11 contestants compete for the first time.

So, who are your contestants this year? To save you some time googling all of these names, we've broken down the cast and where you might know them from below:

Shannen Doherty
Age: 38
Known for: Playing Brenda on Beverly Hills, 90210

Aiden Turner
Age: 32
Known for: Being shirtless on All My Children

Pamela Anderson
Age: 42
Known for: Baywatch, her breasts, her sex tapes, dating all the wrong men

Buzz Aldrin
Age: 80
Known for: Astronaut who was the Lunar Module pilot on the Apollo 11

Kate Gosselin
Age: 34
Known for: Jon and Kate Plus 8, every tabloid since she and Jon got a divorce.

Chad Ochocinco
Age: 32
Known for: Being the Cincinnati Bengals's Wide-receiver, his upcoming Vh1 dating/reality show, changing his last name to reflect his jersey number.

Nicole Scherzinger
Age: 31
Known for: Being a singer that was once(?) in the Pussycat Dolls

Evan Lysacek
Age: 24
Known for: Winning the Olympic Gold in Figure Skating

Niecy Nash
Age: 40
Known for: Making us all laugh on Reno 911!

Jake Pavelka
Age: 32
Known for: Being the last hunk to break hearts on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

Erin Andrews
Age: 31
Known for: Being an ESPN Reporter, a nudie-picture/peeping tom scandal.

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