Somebody yelled "Baby Killer" at pro-life Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak while he spoke against the anti-abortion amendment he proposed to the health care bill. Now the world wonders: Who is this heroic Baby Killer Guy? Update: It was a Texan!

Here is where the person yelled "Baby Killer"

Bart Stupak is of course one of the millions of things that threatened to derail the health care bill via his Stupak Amendment, which would have proposed super tight restrictions on health care coverage of abortions. Obama convinced him to change his mind, and his fellow Pro-lifers were angry. "Baby Killer"-level angry. Luke Russert reported on MSNBC that the brave legislator who shouted this during Stupak's speech in favor of health care reform sounded "like he had a southern accent."

Now, Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gommorah tweets that he hears it was California Republican George Radanovich who shouted the words that should rally a new generation to greatness. And so does at least one Wikipedian:

"Baby Killer." BABY KILLER! Say it out loud. Really cherish those four syllables as they roll off the tongue, for they may just change the world. In fact, as you lie in the arms of your loved one tonight, celebrating the health care bill in carnal fashion, we urge you to scream at the top of your lungs during climax: BABY KILLER! BABY KILLLLERRRRRRRRRR!

Update: Nobody wants to be Baby killer guy! Over at Talking Points Memo, Christina Bellatoni interviewed California Republican John Campbell, who was one of the names tossed around as potential Baby Killer Guy. He told her it wasn't anyone from California (which would of course rule out Radanovich):

That is where the Texans sit. Californians are in one row, Teaxans sit behind us. I am being told t's a Texan. The people who know won't give it up. (Sic)

Fess up, Baby Killer Guy, so we can get your face tattooed on our back!