Oops! A partially edited version of Danielle Cohen and Jonathan Segal's wedding announcement made it onto the internet today, full of {cq}'s and desperation over how to describe a housewife.

The early version (screenshot by noble comment warrior MockerStalker) includes a paragraph that appears to be a note between the writer and editor fretting over how to identify the groom's mother. It appears they contemplated identifying Mrs. Segal as a sixth-grade teacher, a job she held in 1975, making it difficult to factcheck.

The final edition leaves poor Mrs. Segal out entirely, because if one does not have an easily identifiable job, philanthropic hobby, or tony employer, one does not exist at all to the Weddings/Celebrations page.

If Mrs. Segal would like someone to commemorate her contribution to raising 28-year-old Jonathan Segal, "vice president of Highbridge Capital Management, a hedge fund in New York," I will happily do so. Write in.