I am of two minds on the upcoming iteration of Bravo's moneymaker. We don't really need more housewives—but Beverly Hills is so perfect for this franchise, and Kelsey Grammer's Playboy trophy wife has been waiting so patiently.

Beverly Hills will be the Housewives to end all Housewives—either the platonic ideal of the concept, or the moment it goes too far and is forever destroyed. The cast is more savvy than any before; every single character has worked in show business, generally acting but some reality television, too. Will they be too self-aware, too glossy and accustomed to red carpets? Real Housewives of New Jersey showed us that a lack of polish may be the best quality in bratty reality stars. But washed up Baywatch babes and women who have been through as many sets of breast implants as rich husbands could be a potent blend... Let's meet the ladies.

Camille Donatacci Grammer: The Delicate Ingenue Trophy wife of Kelsey Grammer, former Playboy model, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome advocate, Camille has two children, both born with a surrogate mother. Camille's debilitating IBS rendered her unable to bear children. Hobbies include making out with her old husband on red carpets. Camille has so clearly been dying for this vehicle, for so long.

Kyle Richards & Kim Richards: Social-Climbing Sister Act Sisters of Kathy Hilton and aunts of Paris and Nicky, brunette Kyle and blonde Kim entered the family fame-seeking gauntlet as child actresses, achieving a few memorable roles. (Kyle played the baby whose sitter gets slaughtered Halloween—and guested on Paris' shows. Kim had a starring role in Escape to Witch Mountain.) Kyle's husband is a loaded L.A. realtor; Kim has two loaded divorces under her belt.

Adrienne Maloof-Nassif: Miracle of Plastic Science She's married to Dr. 90210 regular Dr. Paul Nassif and Maloof heiress—the family that owns the Palms, the Sacramento Kings, casinos, banks, and entertainment holdings. Expect her to be completely insane in a way that only the filthy rich and breathtakingly plastic can be.

Lisa Vanderpump-Todd: High-Powered Brit With a name like Vanderpump, can she go wrong? Vanderpump is a Baywatch babe turned restauranteur/club queen. She periodically enters the tabloid scene, like when her stolen Bentley turned up in a ditch in Mulholland Drive. [Pics: Getty]