Jesse James' mistress did a sexy Nazi photo shoot and reportedly has White Power mementos on her skin and in her home. His ex-wife is married to a reported skinhead. How many neo-Nazis can you date without being one?

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee denies being a white supremacist: Her sexy Nazi photo shoot was for fetishists, she says, and the W P tattooed on the backs of her thighs (click image to enlarge) stands not for "white power" but the revolting-in-a-different-way "wet pussy." She says, "Jesse and I had a conversation about it and he says a lot of his friends have the tattoo." (Is that an inside joke? That statement could use context, including an updated assessment on McGee's believability. She has said she's Amish as well as a third-generation French Canadian. Is that even possible?) Suing for custody of their children, her ex-husband said she had "child block magnets on the refrigerator that spell out 'White Power'," and that her older son from a different relationship "is Jewish and she think it's funny that she makes the Nazi salute." UPDATE: McGee lists Mein Kampf as a "Favorite Book" on her Facebook page. This lady is totally a Nazi.

Then we have Jesse's ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, porn star and mother of his children. Her new husband is Jeremy Aikman, a multiple-time felon and reportedly "an admitted skinhead." Jesse and Sandra fought to revoke Lindemulder's custody, citing her marriage to Aikman as evidence of a negative environment for children. (Or, um, anyone.) So Jesse James has a degree of separation from these people—but why are there so many of them in the first place? How naive could he have been to his friends' racist and antisemitic ties and leanings?

Finally, Crushable notes concern over Jesse's West Coast Choppers logo resembling Germany's Iron Cross, which appears in Nazi memorabilia. (Albeit elsewhere, too.) Are we whipping ourselves into a paranoid frenzy, or is this guy uncomfortably close to the white supremacy movement? Way to harsh our racially harmonious Blind Side mellow, Jesse.

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