Today the marvelous Alex Pareene ranted about the cynicism at Politico, and one commenter chimed in to paint a sad, depressing picture of the go-go life of Washington D.C. politics.

From flugennock:

Awesome article, Alex, and you're right on about Politico.

Still — I was born, raised, went to school, grew up and spent pretty much all my life and career in and around Washington — throughout Vietnam, Watergate, the Energy "Crisis", Reaganomics, New Democrats, you name it — and I can tell you that anyone in this town without a well-developed sense of cynicism is easy pickings for the likes of Clinton, Bush, Obama & Co.

I've learned to read the Washington Post the way a Muscovite learned to read Pravda way back in the day.

Your characterization of Politico is right on the nose, but, let's face it — the current ruling class in this country really is a bunch of self-centered, vain, preening sociopaths who really do live for the foto ops, the CSPAN Moments and the Sunday morning talk show gigs. Many years of experience have taught me this.

They may be right totally by accident, like a busted clock, but Politico really is right about Dennis Kucinich: he really is a time-wasting, gutless, pussified faux Progressive attention whore who talks a good game about serious policy reforms, but is totally ready to roll over for the Democratic Party — especially when it comes in the person of a slick flash bastard like Barack Obama, who probably promised him a new pony, just like he did to the rest of us in '08. By rolling over for the Democratic leadership on the healthcare bill, he pretty much pissed away any credibility he had left on the Left — assuming he had any to begin with, after his dickless performance at the '04 Convention.

Not sure I agree with it, but not sure I disagree with it either. Mostly because I know nothing about this sort of thing. I just watch TV! Oh, and the picture above was part of his post.