A 27-year-old Reno native named Justin Massler was arrested yesterday for stalking Ivanka Trump. News reports have described Massler as an obsessed fan with "a crush" on the socialite/heiress. His vicious tweets and violent comics suggest otherwise.

Massler's Twitter account has been deleted, but a cached version contains a string of angry messages directed at Trump. On March 2nd, Ivanka posted a photo of herself at an event for the launch of the UN Foundation's Girl Up campaign. Massler responded with 14 tweets calling Trump "a diseased elitist and part of the problem" and saying her work with the UN was "as bad as appointing Hitler to head a charity for Jewish Hospitals." He also vowed to "destroy your entire jewelry enterprises with a brand destruction media campaign."

Back in February, before he started sending her nasty messages on Twitter, Massler created the "Ivanka Trump Fan Blog." The blog only contains two entries. The first is a fawning ode to Ivanka that references her "intensely alluring beauty and impossibly shapely figure" and ends with a love poem. A few hours later, Massler put up a second post featuring a bizarre comic illustrating what would befall him if Ivanka denied his overture.

Massler's deleted tweets, comics and poetry are below.