Gerald Posner, the former Daily Beast reporter who's copped to a comically high number of plagiarism violations recently, gave a little speech in Miami Beach last night. One of the authors he's plagiarized was there! It did not go well.

Tim Elfrink of the Miami New Times showed up to Posner's talk at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden last night. Another person who showed up was Frank Owen, an author that Posner admitted to stealing from in his book Miami Babylon. In the clip above, Owen challenged Posner during the Q&A period, and Posner said he'd agreed to meet with Owen to talk about it. The New Times relates Owen's description of what happened after the Q&A was over:

The real sparks came after the reading when [Owen's wife] Lera asked Posner "Are we still going out for a drink to discuss this?" Posner exploded. His plastic face turned red: "Yeah, I'm a thieving cocksucker." "Yes, you are a thieving cocksucker," Lera replied. And then an elderly lady came running towards them: "This is a botanical garden. It's a peaceful place. Can you please take it some place else?"

Shut up, lady!
[Miami New Times]