Screwing freelance writers is just wrong. We're doing our part to expose those who don't pay up. Today: complaints that Regent/ Here Media, owner of Out and The Advocate, is ripping their freelancers off.

In the last couple of days, we've gotten several notes from various freelance writers complaining about problems getting paid by Regent. Among the complaints:

  • One writer says that The Advocate ran several of his stories in three consecutive months last fall. Despite having "pay on publication" contracts, he hasn't gotten paid yet. He also says that despite some "sympathetic correspondence from some of the editorial staff," the publisher is neither showing any urgency to pay, nor communicating with him.
  • Another freelancer says he is close to taking Regent to small claims court—he has invoices dating back seven months, and the company has not volunteered any timeline for when it might pay up.
  • Another freelancer says he filed a story for Out last May, which was published last October. He still hasn't been paid for it, and the assigning editor is not returning his emails.
  • "Out owes me money too!" complains another writer. And another says: "I am owed $ from the Advocate. I would attach my name but Gawker scares the shit out of me for obvious reasons." We're not that bad, much of the time!

We left a message for Regent Media this morning and we'll update if they comment. Take these complaints for what they are. But this much smoke usually means a fire. A fire burning up freelancers' money.
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