Tonight brought us another edition of celebrity Jeopardy!, with Cheech Marin, Aisha Tyler, and the Silver Fox himself, Anderson Cooper. Well, Cooper kind of sucked. Actually, he really sucked. Are CNN anchors incapable of playing Jeopardy! well? Inside, video highlights.

The game began with the celebrities attacking the "The Continent Where You'll Find..." category. They must have left their brains at home, 'cause it was a disastuh (all three ended up in the red by the end of the category).

Cooper (as well as Marin and Tyler) managed to gain some ground back during the rest of the first round and in the early part of the second. Cooper then got a Daily Double in the "World Leaders" category. Surely he'd know the answer, right? Let's find out.

Then, there was Final Jeopardy...

...and Cooper (and, to be fair, Tyler) ended up finishing the game with nothing. Who would have thought that Marin would beat a world-renowned news anchor and Dartmouth-educated actress?

Stick to your day job, Andy. You're not as cute when you're losing.