Or: "Firefighter Becomes Fire Hazard." A woman came home on St. Patrick's Eve to find a passed-out man in an FDNY uniform blocking her door. Thank God she had a Blackberry to capture the special moment on video.

NY1 has the EXCLUSIVE video of the soon-to-be-legendary drunk firefighter. After finding her way blocked by the intoxicated hero, Windsor Terrace resident Lauren Hill called 911. But only after she "tried to nudge the man several times but then feared he might awaken in an angry state." Yes, many have learned the hard way the truth behind the old adage, "Nothing good comes of awakening a sleeping firefighter, especially if it's 3 a.m. the morning after St. Patrick's day."

Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano said, "It's not something I expect of a firefighter in uniform." Key phrase: In uniform. Next time you drink that much, drunk firefighter, make sure you strip down to your flame-retardant briefs before laying yourself across a poor woman's door like a human fire code violation.