The unemployable starlet's only gig was helping children in India, and that may be in jeopardy now that the country is thinking of banning her due to visa violations and talking shit about the country on Twitter.

Since no one will cast her in a movie or TV show, her music career has stalled, she got fired from Ungaro, botched a highly paid escort gig, and even sucks as a DJ, all she had left was saving children in India. However, she was on a tourist visa this December while working on a BBC documentary about child labor in the country. This is a no-no. Then she went and tweeted about how she personally saved 40 children in one afternoon. Because of this, India is going to bar St. Lindsay. How about we make a deal, India. Instead of banning Lindsay, how about you keep her there. We'll take 100 troubled children and raise them right if you just keep Linds away from us for good. Deal?

[Image via Bauer-Griffin]