In your laughable Thursday media column: Roger Ailes calls for unity, Brandon Holley lives the lonely life online, W's editor is leaving, and so are some editors at Harper's.

  • Roger Ailes is sick and tired of all this divisiveness! Among Fox News employees. The King Fascist Toad ordered his Washington staffers to stop bad-mouthing their fellow employee lunatic Glenn Beck, saying, according to TVNewser, "We prefer people in the tent not dumping on other people in the tent." Then the malicious blackhearted propagandist said that he was brought up in a way that if he could not defend his "family," well, "I'd go to another family." Was Roger Ailes abandoned by his mother as a child? I don't know, but in any case, he's evil and Glenn Beck is a fucking psycho, so if you said something bad about them, you'd probably have facts on your side, regardless of where you work.
  • Brandon Holley was the editor of Jane when Conde Nast folded it; now she spends all day in her nightgown working on a Yahoo women's blog. Judging by the photo of her luxury apartment complete with stairs(!), the benefits of the Conde life live on.
  • W magazine editor Patrick McCarthy is resigning at the end of this year, following yesterday's announcement that Conde Nast is moving W out of its less-prestigious Fairchild Fashion Group (of which McCarthy was also the head). Conde fashion magazines are now all united, as one, to succeed, or burn out in a pretty, expensive flame.
  • Two editors have quit at Harper's, not long after top editor Roger Hodge was sacked. The rest of the staff is composing an alarming list of clever statistical permutations to illustrate their dismay.