Iraq vet, Army officer, Arab linguist, and avowed homosexualist Dan Choi has chained himself to the White House fence to protest Don't Ask Don't Tell. It's safe to say he did not inform Bravo of his intent.

(Now, personally, if we were a gay West Point grad protesting a discriminatory military policy that Congress is currently debating, we would chain ourselves to either the Pentagon or the Capitol. But those buildings are actually way harder to chain yourself to, and they are much larger, so it'd be pretty easy to not even notice someone chained to them.)

Choi apparently interrupted a "rally" by useless old gay rights group Human Rights Campaign, an organization that exists to collect money from rich gays and use that money to politely not ask or expect very much from Democrats. The "rally" itself was actually just a set piece for the filming of an episode of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List.

Kathy apparently did not enjoy the fact that her "political gays" prop turned into an actual rally for the actual civil rights of actual human beings, and she decided not to join Choi at the White House.

Update: Oh fuck you, Kathy Griffin and HRC: