Remember that sweaty guy who helped lots of people make terrible decisions with their life savings before, and during, the financial crisis? Yeah. Well, he still does that. And now the SEC is investigating his website,, over poor accounting.

It seems that, a financial website co-founded and chaired by Cramer, is losing a ton of money and will be filing its annual numbers a little late to the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to a report in the Post. So the SEC is taking a look at Cramer's magic numbers.

In honor of Cramer's legal woes, here are a couple of choice quotes from over the years:

"When I come to work each day, whether as a commentator for or a host of Mad Money With Jim Cramer, I have only one thought in mind: helping people with their money."

That's worked out well, Jim.

"If your numbers stink, you're out. If your numbers are good, you get more money. It's the most Darwinian, it's beautiful, it's brutal, it works."


Oh, and it looks like Cramer's old pal, Lenny Dykstra — former baseball star, financial advisor, and racist prick — who he once called "one of the best minds in the business," is in the news, too! Dykstra is suing JP Morgan Chase for $100 million, claiming he was a victim of "predatory lending" because he took out a $17 million home loan that the bank now won't refinance.

You may want to hold off on applying for that editorial gig at TheStreet for a minute.

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