Last year, the Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner featured the comedian John Hodgman. This year it featured the comedian Joe Biden, probably best known for his role as the Vice President of America. He bombed.

Yes, Joe "Wild and Crazy Guy" Biden delivered his unique brand of brain damaged-Toastmaster humor in a two-to-five hour monologue in front of the assembled radio and television correspondents. Here is his joke about Tiger Woods:

Yikes. We've seen Senate markup sessions funnier than that. Then this joke about Scott Brown bombed harder than a laser-guided bunker-busting missile:

In fact, Biden's whole schtick was so bad that after his speech Radio & Television Correspondents Association chairwoman Linda Scott helpfully suggested he leave even though he didn't want to:

OK, it wasn't all terrible. This joke about Biden's infamous Arrive Magazine cover actually made us laugh out loud:

But mainly because it made us remember the cover. Don't quit your day job, Joe.