Ryan Seacrest got all up in Simon Cowell's grill last night on Idol. It all seemed a bit theatrical and forced, but it just reeked of sexual tension. Why? Because Ryan Seacrest wants to make sweet love to Simon Cowell.

Actually, Seacrest probably wants Cowell to make sweet love to him, but those are just miniscule details in the big picture here.

This faux outrage and vehement defense of an Idol contestant is the equivalent of Seacrest constantly poking Simon in the back during class. It's a not-so-subtle courtship of showing your affection towards someone through sensual anger. Maybe if Ryan can show his feelings towards Cowell in a more adult way, there might be some progress past this not-so-innocent flirting.

This sexual tension between the two of them is really the only thing Idol has going for it this season, as this is without a doubt the worst talent pool to date.