Mrs. Pratt's bikini top overfloweth and the paparazzi goes wild. What caused the Winslet-Mendes divorce? Ashley Dupre sets her hair on fire while posing naked. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dares to wear pants. Wednesday gossip is full of risks.

  • Poor, shy Heidi Montag could not keep her breasts covered while filming a bit role for an Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston comedy. Her slutty sailor outfit may suggest the role is a sight gag about plastic bimbos, but recall that Heidi's entire life is a sight gag, so it's impossible to differentiate between trashy performances for the movie cameras and trashy performances for the paparazzi. It's all part of the existential riddle that is Heidi Montag-Pratt. [PopSugar]
  • What ruined Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes' marriage? Revolutionary Road, starring Kate and directed by Sam, depicting a disintegrating marriage. Tension on set became tension at home. It's a persuasive explanation, repeated in two celebrity outlets, but maybe too pat. (Especially since Kate won a Golden Globe for that movie! That's the opposite of a mood-killer.) Until one of their nannies sells a story to the tabloids, I'm not biting. [People] [DailyMail]
  • Corey Haim was put to rest yesterday in Toronto, at a private memorial attended by 200 friends and family and financed by the city of Toronto ad celebrity memorabilia dealer Startifacts, which used to peddle Corey's stuff on eBay when he needed cash. [NYDN]
  • Shiloh Jolie-Pitt flouts her dissenters by continuing to dress like a little boy! If she even knows what dissenters are, or that she had them, that is. [Celebitchy]
  • Is Jennifer Love Hewitt's break from Jamie Kennedy strategic? It coincides with the release of her memoir/dating advice book The Day I Shot Cupid, subtitled Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I'm a Love-aholic, all of which is very Men in Trees, is it not? Or, maybe they split up long ago and she's going public now since she knows it'll come up during book tour. Either way, she wants you to know, "Some people get excited about being single. i don't." [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan's dad reportedly had a heart attack. Michael Lohan's girlfriend, Kate Major, says he's at St. Francis Hospital in Manhasset as we speak, undergoing an unnamed "procedure." Michael had heart problems two weeks ago, too, and was told he needed catheterization. [TMZ]
  • Ashley Dupre's hair lit on fire during her Playboy photo shoot. Apparently she was lounging lustily among candles when "a few strands of her hair caught on fire because of all the hairspray. The hairstylist Jorge Serrano and was the first one to notice and rushed over to put it out with his hands." Given the number of highly flammable synthetic substances at Playboy shoots, it's a wonder this didn't turn into the soft core porn version of the Triangle fire, where all the factory girls rip their clothes off and try to stop the inferno by beating the flames with their lace negligees. Which are themselves flammable, so it only gets worse! Point being: You're at 14:55 of your fifteen minutes, Dupre. Use it wisely. [People]
  • Amanda Seyfried on filming a sex scene with Julianne Moore for Chloe: Julianne "was so professional about it—I didn't have a choice but to just, well, get into it!" [Gatecrasher]
  • "Mickey Rourke's new girlfriend, Anastassija Makarenko, looks so much like his ex-girlfriend, Elena Kuletskaya, many people think the tall, blond, Russian beauties are one and the same—but Mickey can tell the difference." I should hope so. [P6]
  • Padma Lakshmi is reportedly negotiating baby daddy Adam Dell's visitation rights for miracle baby Krishna. The more I read about this relationship, the more my questions burn. What was Padma and Adam's relationship like when she unexpectedly conceived? What are their love lives like now? [P6]
  • Jaafar Jackson pistol whipped his little brother! Wait, no, "pretends to pistol-whip." And, oh, they were playing cops and robbers. TMZ won't post the video, but they will tie it to Jaafar's recent attempt to shoot little Blanket Jackson with a stun gun. [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen is back on the set of Two and a Half Men, sober coach on hand, and a memo announcing that any staffer caught leaking will be fired. Obviously, the memo failed. [TMZ]

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