Last night, Rachel Maddow and J.D. "I guess you could marry your horse" Hayworth faced off. Hayworth's strategy was to basically deny everything Maddow said about him. But everything he said, basically, was a lie. BREAKING: Politicians are liars.

J.D. Hayworth is the Arizona Republican senatorial candidate that actually makes us root for John McCain. He thinks men will marry horses if gay marriage is allowed. Tonight, Maddow revisited her bout with Hayworth last night and showed pretty convincingly that J.D. Hayworth's mouth is incapable of forming words that are not completely false.

For example: Hayworth told Maddow that she was wrong in saying he had been one of congresses top recipients of money from crook-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He was actually just ninth, he said! Turns out, that was a lie; he was ninth only if you counted "groups" in addition to individual legislators.

And also, that delightful horse-marrying bit. Hayworth claimed that a Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling defined marriage as 'the establishment of intimacy,' which would lead inevitably to men marrying the horses that every American man owns. But it's not even in there anywhere!

Finally, Hayworth bashed Rachel's researchers for failing to notice corrections in embarrassing articles about him which actually made him look worse. She did not like.

Thankfully, the biggest lie of all is the one J.D. Hayworth must tell himself everyday to believe that he actually has a shot at winning the Republican primary.