In your bulleted Tuesday media column: the TV industry is mean to women, Jeff Goldberg escapes the PLO, Justin Rocket Silverman's new job, and Rupert Murdoch loses hundreds of millions, haha.

  • For shame: the television industry is sexist and "uncongenial to working mothers," according to a new survey out of the UK. With this finding, the TV industry joins the rest of the media industry, the construction industry, the finance industry, the fashion industry, the food industry, the political-industrial complex industry, and all other industries in being uncongenial towards working mothers. Except the wet nurse industry.
  • A judge said that the PLO cannot compel The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg to testify regarding a story he wrote. Bet that was a PRETTY CLOSE CALL.
  • Justin Rocket Silverman, the New York Post's premier sex reporter, has a new job! At He sent this email out to friends last week:
  • There comes a time in a young(ish) man's life when he hears the call of the unknown and makes the difficult decision to leave a job he loves with people he loves working with. For this young(ish) man, that time is now. Well, next week actually.

  • After which I'll be starting as the New York City editor of, an online magazine and daily email with 12 editions in nine cities. Part of my job will be covering the nightlife and culture I write about now. And by culture I mean pretty ladies wearing skimpy clothes:


  • I'm not sure what else the position might grow to include, which is a big part of its appeal.

  • Not working everyday with you all is far less appealing. Although it will be good to get away from Brian Niemietz for awhile.

  • Being a writer at the New York Post is the best job I ever had. I'm going to miss it.

  • Rupert Murdoch hath made an error, in business matters! His company hedged its risk on the enormously expensive Avatar, thereby ensuring that it will make only 40% as much as it could have. Here is where we all pretend that we knew that Avatar would make billions, and laugh at this rich, rich fool.

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