CNN, America's Favorite Source of Dumb Guys Reading Twitter Out Loud, has signed conservative blogger Erick Erickson to their "Best Political Team." This is a wonderful hire, as it provides yet another excuse to avoid CNN entirely.

Erickson is the editor of, a popular conservative blog. Here are some things he's done, in the last year or so:

Of course, those are all "crimes" against decency and honesty that almost any conservative blogger is guilty of. What is particularly galling is Erickson will never, ever say anything vaguely unexpected or interesting on TV. Ever. He will mislead and lie and dissemble and repeat talking points. He is a cog in the organized Republican message machine.

If you want to know what Erick Erickson will add to the debate on your cable news program, just copy and paste memos from Ed Meese's Conservative Action Project into a text-to-speech program.