Last Thursday evening, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé asked you to spend nearly ten minutes of your life watching a bloated, overproduced infomercial. And you obliged. But did you catch Gaga's kid sister, Natali?

Afterwards, outlets like NME counted nine products. But one thing that we glossed over while were being subliminally told to troll for dates on Plenty Of Fish as we scooped spoons of Miracle Whip into our mouths was Lady Gaga's kid sister Natali Germanotta.

So what do we know about the new Baby Gaga? She's 17 going on 18, assumes the Twitter handle CrazyBuble3, has a propensity for emoticons like ":D", and has already started making waves in the fashion world. (At Fashion Week, she declared to Famespy that Allison Parris' new collection was "Fresh and New." So we know she's good with words, too.) According to her Twitter bio:

Very chillaxed! Will hear me laughing from down the hall!lol! Always up for new things!...hahaha....yea rite lol....i am NOT a homo lol

Additionally, Natali is very resolute in her support for her sister:

Perhaps Gaga was trying to do here for Natali what her "Telephone" accomplice Beyoncé did for Solange in the video for "Get Me Bodied". In which case, Natali is doing a bang-up job of promoting herself by making her "Telephone" cameo her Facebook profile picture. Although she's also being counterintuitive by not being more lenient with her privacy settings.

A more apt celebrity sister comparison might be the Hiltons: With Gaga stepping in for Paris—that one-woman embodiment of the celebrity-industrial complex—and her kid sister assuming the role of the Nicky Hilton-esque couturier.

We'll see how long it takes Natali to crank out her first indie rock cover.