There are times when the man pictured on the front page of the paper is a total hottie. Read further and you learn he's a terrorist or murderer. Here are some crushes that come with a side serving of guilt.

Whether they're right-wing politicians, newsmen who have sold out to the far right, or all-out horrible guys who kill people, there are men who are so handsome that you can't keep from lusting after them. Sure, it's totally wrong and we're all probably going to hell for thinking impure thoughts about killers and fameballs. But a dreamy guy is a dreamy guy, right?

John Edwards
Why It's Wrong: He cheated on his wife, had a baby with another woman, and lied to the American people about it. He also made a nasty sex tape.
Inappropriateness Level: 8

Najibullah Zazi
Why It's Wrong: This Afghan émigré stands accused of plotting to blow up the New York subway system.
Inappropriateness Level: 9

Spencer Pratt
Why It's Wrong: While he's no killer, Pratt represents everything that's wrong with celebrity today: He's a talentless reality show also-ran who keeps himself in the press by peddling his wife's flesh and by being a craven attention seeker.
Inappropriateness Level: 3

Scott Brown
Why It's Wrong: The Republican's new favorite toy, this ex-model destroyed the Democrats' super-majority in the Senate and he might have gotten away with harassment. He also wore pink leather shorts on his first date with his wife. Ew.
Inappropriateness Level: 7

Tim Tebow
Why It's Wrong: If we can't crush on young athletes, who can we crush on? Well, let's try to choose ones who aren't Jesus freaks who tell women what to do with their bodies.
Inappropriateness Level: 6

Bill Hemmer
Why It's Wrong: Okay, Hemmer is by far the nicest guy on this whole list. But he left CNN to be a correspondent at Fox News. That's like saying you don't believe in evolution but believe in creationism because someone offered you more money. Bill, you're way too hot for Fox News!
Inappropriateness Level: 1

Roman Abramovich
Why It's Wrong: The Russian oligarch made his fortune on the back of bribes, political malfeasance, monopolies, and other dirty tricks we probably don't even know about.
Inappropriateness Level: 4

Scott Peterson
Why It's Wrong: He killed his wife, Laci, lied about it, ran from the cops, and was the star of one of those "trial of the century" sagas that everyone forgot about as soon as he was convicted.
Inappropriateness Level: 9

Who do you think is horrible but still fantasize about anyway?