Rielle Hunter: She's famous because John Edwards did it with, and put a baby inside of, her. Now The Washington Post has 'obtained' a copy of a forthcoming 10,000 word GQ interview. And they read the whole thing, apparently.

OK, it is actually interesting that Rielle Hunter "says she's still in love with 'Johnny' and believes he loves her." It expands our concept of the limits of human love. Or maybe self-delusion? Here is what Rielle told GQ about her baby-denying 'Johnny', according to The Post article:

There's a lot of New Agey talk — John hasn't "fallen from grace... he's fallen to grace," and astrology told her he shouldn't run for president anyway. There's a lot of rationalizing — John lied about her because "he was traumatized." There's some "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" — she couldn't go public sooner because she didn't want to "emasculate" her ex-lover.

She also makes some important corrections to the public record. For example, "Truth Seeker" was not written on her business card; "Being is Free" was. (Something to put in your social studies textbook, Texas.) There are also some pictures which are clearly aimed at making the average GQ reader think to themselves "surprisingly doable." Also surprisingly doable: a 10,000 word Q&A with Rielle Hunter.