Recently Presidential Special Advisor David Axelrod has been painted as a beleaguered figure, upset at the world he sees around him. Today he told the Republicans to "make my day" and the Israelis a new policy announcement was an "insult."

Axelrod and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs were doing the rounds on the Sunday talk shows to talk about healthcare reform, among other topics. Gibbs told Fox News Sunday that Democrats would have enough votes to pass the bill in the next week or so and that soon we wouldn't be "talking about health care as a proposal, but as the law of the land."

Tom Brokaw, on Meet the Press, asked David Axelrod about the political cost of that reform for upcoming elections. Axelrod leapt up on the table, and began savagely beating him (metaphorically):

If the Republican Party wants to go out and say to that child who now has insurance or say to that small business that will get tax credits this year if he signs the bill to help their employees get health care. If they want to say to them, "You know what? We're actually gonna take that away from you. We don't think that's such a good idea." I say, let's have that fight. Make my day. I'm ready to have that. And every member of Congress ought to be willing to have that debate as well.

Enough ass-kicking work for one day? Not for fuck-you-Axelrod. Israel have potentially torpedoed delicate negotiations with Palestine by announcing a plan to build 1600 new homes in Jerusalem. He told ABC's This Week that the move was both an "affront" and an "insult."

Here's the video: