Let us celebrate this most nerdy 3.14 with a videos of preternaturally intelligent children reciting hundreds of digits of pi from memory. They can't tie their shoes, but they could balance your checkbook.

I am unable to verify this little Japanese boy's accuracy (actually I won't be verifying any of their accuracy, because that sounds laborious) but you know he's for real because he closes his eyes while he does it.

Here's a two-year-old reciting 20 digits of pi. Is that impressive? I have no frame of reference for toddler brain development.

Here's an eight-year-old doing 200 digits. "More info" says his school hosts a Pi Day recitation competition every year. The little girl two down wins with 202 digits shortly after this. Since two kids can do it, I am no longer convinced of their genius, but hey, here it is.

Happy Pi Day, nerds.