Really, Jerry Seinfeld? You make your ~triumphant~ return to NBC with the horrid train wreck that is The Marriage Ref? Then, you reduce yourself to doing SNL cameos to desperately try to drum up publicity for it? Really? Video inside.

Seinfeld's appearance with Seth Meyers during tonight's Weekend Update segment was actually pretty funny—the two tore Eric Massa apart with trademarked "Really?" quip after quip—but it was an odd move for the man who stayed away from NBC for more than 10 years, only to return with an unwatchable reality/talk/game/whatever show.

And now, this? Cameos on SNL as a way to (theoretically) get people to tune into your dying project?

It's time to cut your losses and exit—again—gracefully, Mr. Seinfeld.


(Also tonight: "Boombox" Finally Gets the SNL Digital Short Treatment)