We're going to get big heads. First Rush Limbaugh unexpectedly says he loves us, now the New York Times' (excellent, not Rush Limbaugh-like at all) media columnist David Carr says we scoop him all the time. We'll take it, whether it's true or not.

This "scoop," by the way, comes via Richard Baum's Twitter, and the picture of the panel discussion via James Chuter's Flickr. We have spies everywhere.

UPDATE: We have spies everywhere more literally than I thought. Lifehacker's Kevin Purdy was in the audience, and taking notes. Here's his report.

Carr said the day of the Portfolio closing announcement, he got the tip on his BlackBerry, rushed back to the office, and started making calls. He talked to sources "for hours," and realized after a few calls that "I've got eight more hours to go on this."

"At that point, Hamilton Nolan from Gawker has written 900 words that told you everything you wanted to know."

Moderator asked, "You're saying Gawker beat you?"

Carr: "Happens all the time."

Note, however, that he made sure to point out the Times story on the billions wasted in Iraq, and that, while agile blogs are taking up some of the old roles of big media, "I don't think there are Nick Dentons tracking $15 billion in Iraq right now."

Being one of those modern blogger-types, Kevin takes pictures too.