Stars on Ice denies it, but Johnny is so over them, anyway. He might even start a rival showcase, with Lady Gaga. It's cute how he thinks if he says her name enough, she'll pull a Tinkerbell and magically appear.

In an interview with hard-hitting Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush, Weir said the rumor that Stars on Ice barred him for lacking "family friendly" values is true.

It is for real. I've never been invited to do ‘Star on Ice' before, which is the only figure skating tour in the U.S., and it's disappointing that I can't perform for my American fans… all because I'm not ‘family friendly' enough.

Then he plays the gay figure skating equivalent of fantasy baseball, naming his dream lineup for a parallel universe Flaming Stars on Ice:

Maybe right now, just artistically and creatively, I'd love to have my own show and my own tour and involve some big musical acts, like maybe getting Lady Gaga. [...] Nobody would be too un-family friendly for my show.

Oh, and we're back to "flamboyant" as the Johnny Weir's Gayness euphemism of choice:

I don't like to look at boundaries as far as sexuality is concerned. I don't like to look at things based on a person's sexuality. Anytime you get men in glitter it's flamboyant occasion!

Meanwhile, Stars on Ice spokeswoman Jennifer Cosgrove sent us a lengthy statement denying the anti-gay charge, the same one they sent to GLAAD. "Sexual orientation" is a non-issue, she says, Weir wasn't invited because they just didn't have space.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry regarding the Stars on Ice tour. We are disappointed that there is untrue and inaccurate information being disseminated. Please be assured that the "gender identity and sexual orientation" of cast members has never been a consideration in the selection of tour performers.

Stars on Ice recognizes Johnny Weir is a talented athlete and we appreciate the contributions he has made to the international figure skating community throughout his career.

The current cast of the Stars on Ice tour includes very talented performers including the Olympic Gold medalist, Evan Lysacek and the current U.S. National Champion, Jeremy Abbott.

While Stars on Ice wishes it could accommodate many more talented skaters as part of our cast, the fact is we cannot sign every skater.

We encourage GLAAD to update its blog posting to include this important and accurate information about Stars on Ice.

Thank you again for contacting us with your questions and be assured that the comments mentioned regarding the Stars on Ice tour are simply not accurate.

Even if Stars is telling the truth, they're still pretty foolish. Little Lord Sparklepants is among the few figure skaters capable of drawing a crowd this year, while Stars on Ice is having a hard time selling tickets. [AccessHollywood] [CNN]