Tonight on Real Time, Bill Maher took Mitt Romney to task for being a "pandering shape-shifter." The real laughs came, though, when Maher unveiled a few modified versions of Romney's new book, No Apology. Video inside. Also: New Rules!

After explaining why Romney is the worst of the worst when it comes to pandering, Maher took the opportunity to mock him in a more humorous way—by modifying the title and cover of No Apology several times to illustrate what it would look like if Romney was pandering to readers, as well (there were versions for latinos, old people, blacks, Korean deli owners, vagina-shavers and more).

At the end of his show, Maher delivered his trademark "New Rules." Here's a portion of the segment. Tonight, Maher took on Glenn Beck's embarrassing "mea culpa" moment after his interview with Eric Massa, an overly esoteric fashion designer (and Sarah Palin in the process), and America's darling of fierce, Johnny Weir.

[Real Time with Bill Maher]